How to start Marketing at Low cost & Grow Business

How to start Marketing at Low cost & Grow Business

#WhatsApp || a new channel for #business #marketers

So even if you're not on #Facebook or #Twitter, you can still chat with friends or family. And now, #whatsapp can connect you to the whole world!


#WhatsApp offers private and safe chat that can open up your business to the world. Discuss deals, showcase your products, and stay

#brandname is proud to introduce WhatsApp marketing – the most convenient and cost-effective way for brands to reach leads, prospects, and customers.

How does it work?

Using WhatsApp’s Call-To-Action button, send a message to any WhatsApp contact with your product offer. In just a few taps, you can drive revenue by reaching more than one billion monthly active users on WhatsApp.

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The Whatsapp store is a powerful tool to market your business 24x7 - 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It provides you with an invaluable marketing channel that can connect you to 1.2 billion customers.

Start by sending "out of the box" messages to your customers on a regular basis but also experiment with different formats: videos, polls, coupons, deals and discounts. Marketing on Whatsapp