Wondershare Filmora 9 - Video Editor | Lifetime

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Filmora is a video editing tool intended for users who want to concentrate on editing and making high-quality videos.

The software offers editing support for 4K videos. It's an affordable product equipped with tools made for both video and audio.

It gives users a plethora of options when it comes to styling, adding effects, and customizing videos.

The tool makes it possible for users to throw in overlays, come up with animations and elements, add audio, and insert texts.

It's an ideal tool to have especially for those who want to make dedications, tributes, and stories in their videos. Voice overs can also be included in any video.

Filmora Reviews can help users crop, increase/decrease video sizes, or have them all fit at a certain time.

An option to "tilt-shift" can be made to blur out some parts of the video just so one can make an emphasis on a certain object.

Audio and video can be adjusted by means of rotation or flipping. An option to remove video "noise" is also available. ++

The main benefits of Filmora are its intuitive feature set and highly useful tools. Here are the details: One standout functionality with Filmora is its split-screen.

This feature lets users come up with their own videos consisting of footages and clips that can be played at the same time.

Users can make this happen by selecting the split-screen icon found on the left pane of the tool’s main menu.

The icon can be spotted under the icons where users can add in audio, video, texts, filters, and do video transitions.

Once the split-screen icon is selected, split-screen options can be seen.

Users can pick the number of screens needed as well as arranging the screens in the order they want.

Users can select anywhere from two to four screens.

After choosing the number of screens and arrangement preference, users can choose the video clips they want to utilize and choose from the timeline where the clips are present.